4pc Kitchen Companion Set.

4pc Kitchen Companion Set.

Each knife in this new set has a professional pedigree. These are the preferred picks of pros and vetted by the nation's top test kitchens. The set contains all the essentials: a cutting board knife, a serrated knife and a paring knife -- plus our classic and convenient Chopper for as the final master-stroke.

9" Chef: "My best friend in the kitchen" - Hunter Lewis EIC, Food & Wine
6" Deli: "The Deli Knife is AWESOME" - Amiel Stanek, Bon Appetit
5" Chopper: "make(s)..for a meal cooked with finesse and enjoyment" -Paleo Mag
3" Paring Knife: "America's Best" -Cooking Light

This set transforms the chore of making big meals from scratch into "a joy in the kitchen" (Chef Kathy Gunst,NPR).

The 9" -A Lightsaber for the Kitchen Jedi.
For some, an 8 is too small and a 10 is too big. Either way you slice it, "the 9" hits the sweet spot for many professional and home cooks alike. The elegant, ergonomic design is perfectly balanced so the powder metal blade can do most of the work for you.

"My best friend in the kitchen."
At New West Knifeworks we consider it a privilege to have our knives in the hands of professional chefs. So, when the Editor-in-Chief ofFood and Wine Magazinedescribed the 9 as his"best friend in the kitchen", we were over the moon. Wide at the base, generously curved and thin at the tip, -- the 9 is extremely versatile and you will continually discover new jobs for it to do.Learn more about the 9" Chef.

The Deli - Sandwich Lovers Secret Weapon
From the bread to all the goodies inside, the Deli is designed for the sandwich connoisseur. Blast out BLTs and Reubens in no time flat. No more crooked or crumbly bagels, no more mutilation of tomatoes- the proprietary serration slices fruits and veggies properly every time.

Allergic to sharpening? This one's for you.
Everyone has someone in their life whose butter knives are the sharpest in the drawer. Chances are, these folks have lost their joy for cooking as chores like chopping veggies turn to onerous half hour workouts over brutalized carrot bits. Well, this knife is for them. The serrated edge keeps slicing for a very, very, very long time. And after a decade or so if it gets dull, they can send it back for free to be re-sharpened for the next decade.Learn more about the Deli Knife.

The Chopper
While vegetables have nightmares about this chopping champion, you will have sweet dreams about making salads and salsa. A mid-size knife that makes a large-size impact on the cutting board.
Learn More about the Chopper

The Paring
Our paring knife has a modified "Drop Point Design" which results in a more "forgiving" knife that doesn't get stuck when, coring an apple or removing the eyes of a potato. Once you get used to this unique shape, you'll love it and never want to use another paring knife. The broad belly and generous curve are particularly perfect for those who tend to use a paring knife for everything. Though the blade is small, the handle is ample- giving the blade a firm agility in the hand.
Learn More about the Paring

Each chef knife comes in an embossed leather sheath.

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