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Unique Event Offerings

New West KnifeWorks event space experiences and services.

Let us help you make your event extra sharp. Our retail spaces are beautiful galleries that make a memorable setting. Or, we can set up a booth or elegant station at your location. So, whether you come to us or we come to you, our team is ready to help take your event to the cutting edge. Whether it's a curated display of sharp objects, tomahawk throwing, honoring your VIPs with customized gifts, or a casual get together with wine and hors d'oeuvres, we specialize in customizing special experiences.

Indoor Tomahawk Throwing

Learn Old West survival skills with a cocktail in hand.
Facilitate competitions and play up lively rivalries.
When someone says, “hold my beer,” it’s going to be a good party.

Knife Skills Demos

Engaging learning opportunities for guests looking to up their culinary edge.
Demos for everyone from entry level foodies to seasoned chefs based on guests’ interests.

Wild West Photo Booth

Some events just aren't complete with out a buffalo coat.
Preserve rough & ready memories.
Add personalized event branding.

Personal Shopping

From the blade-curious to seasoned pros, our team knows how to find a knife that feels like an extension of the hand.
Hunters and outdoorspeople revel in MTN MAN Toy Shop ingenuity, while foodies find culinary-tool heaven at New West KnifeWorks.

Laser Engraving & Knife Sharpening

Crisp, permanent engravings on the knife of your choosing, made to order on site.
See our skilled knife guides demonstrate factory-finish-grade knife sharpening.

Group Gifting

Give your clients, employees, and event attendees a unique gift that lasts a lifetime. Customize knives with your logo using our unique, laser-marking technique to make a lasting impression.

Say “thank you” with everyday art that lasts a lifetime.
Give gifts that elevate the everyday experience and deepen relationships.


The vibrant colors of the G-Fusion line remind us that making nourishing, delicious food for those we love is an expression of who we are. We make tools to be an extension of the hand of the culinary artist.


Don’t be fooled by the pretty colors, these handles are bombproof. Originally developed for the motherboard of a computer, this fiberglass laminate is extremely tough, feels good in the hand, and thrives in the hot and humid environment of a professional kitchen.


S35VN is the best steel available for kitchen use. Sharpness, edge-holding, stain-resistance, toughness: the powder metal process lets us pack in more carbon and special alloys with none of the tradeoffs of other high-carbon blades.


From top test kitchens like Bon Appetit and Food & Wine to Michelin star restaurants and your local favorite bistro, New West KnifeWorks is professionally tested and approved. “My Best Friend in the Kitchen.” Hunter Lewis, Editor in Chief, Food & Wine Magazine.

Food and Drink Catering

Our team is ready to style out your guests, or step back for your preferred vendors. Enjoy the flavors of inspired local food & beverage producers.

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Fine tools for the adventure of life.


At New West KnifeWorks, we believe that life is a banquet. We don't just sell knives-- we invite our customers to the feast, to the sacred ceremony of breaking bread, and the celebration of fine food. We make tools that transform hum-drum, everyday life into a gorgeous, glorious, deeply gratifying adventure. Join us on the adventure!


When you love the tools you use, everyday chores become a joy. A fine tool is an extension of the hand. Like a musical instrument, the more you play with it, the more you discover it can do. The tool you love to use helps you cultivate skill. Skill, overtime develops into a practice. A committed practice is the key that unlocks character.

  • Snake River Grill , Jackson Hole
    West Bank Grill, Four Seasons, Jackson Hole
    Amangani, Jackson Hole
    Chi Spacca, Los Angeles
    Yellowstone Club, Big Sky
    Shooting Star, Jackson Hole
    White Buffalo Club, Jackson Hole
    Snake River Sporting Club, Jackson Hole
  • Wildflower Lodge, Jackson Hole
    Goose & Gander, St. Helena
    Solbar, Auberge, Calistoga
    Montage, Healdsburg
    Four Seasons, Napa Valley
    Handle, Park City
    The Lodge, Blue Sky, Park City
    The Homestead, Whitefish, Montana


For those who prefer the natural look and feel of a wooden handle, we tested all the top candidates: Desert Ironwood rose to the top. One of the hardest woods on Earth, it makes a perfect companion in the kitchen for the cutting edge blade.


A knife is an extension of the hand, which is why all of our knife handles are hand-finished in the USA. We don’t have an assembly line, each knife is taken through the entire knife-making process by one expert maker to ensure the quality of every blade.


Traditional steel selection always involved trade-offs: too sharp and it becomes brittle, too much stain-resistance makes it cut like a butter knife, too tough and you can’t sharpen it yourself. S35VN steel gives our blades all the good qualities with none of the bad.


The craftsmanship of our knives is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We also offer free sharpening and service for all of our knives by mail or through our retail shops.

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