Handle Material

G-Fusion Handles

Comprised of glass-woven fabric impregnated with an epoxy resin, G10 is smooth, user friendly, and extremely light weight. Durable and strong, G10 was first used in the electronics industry because of its minimal water absorption rate, heat resistantance and excellent dielectric properties.

Now, G10 can be found in structural supports, buss bars, mechanical insulation, and tight tolerant machine parts. Because G10 is a "Super Material" it has been adopted by military and aerospace communites around the globe. Once combined with our S35VN Steel, these knives are truly meant to last a lifetime. To learn more about the G-Fusion line of knives CLICK HERE.

All Black G-10 Handles

Tall, dark, and handsome, our custom laminated Black G10 handle adds a sleek, modern touch to our blades. Aesthetics aside, G10 is the most durable handle material available for kitchen knife construction. G-10 is a fiberglass cloth / epoxy laminate. It is essentially layers of glass cloth impregnated with epoxy and baked under thousands of pounds of pressure.

The properties of the glass cloth fibers, which run crossways to each other, along with the binding properties of the epoxy, give the G10 tremendous strength, durability, toughness and create a material that is impervious to oil, fuel, saltwater and most other solvents. For the professional, this handle material will endure the grueling repetitions, heat, humidity and other challenges of the commercial kitchen.

Desert Ironwood

As the first major addition to our chef knife collection since switching to G10 handles for our "G-Fusion" line, New West KnifeWorks is proud to offer our line of Desert Ironwood S35VN chef knives.

After months of testing various hardwoods and laminate woods for durability, water resistance, and overall look and feel, the richly textured desert ironwood rose to the top. These richly grained handles and super sharp blades will impress the most selective chef knife aficionados. Click here to shop our gorgeous Ironwood knives.