Learn More: Paleo Mag "Once you hold a New West Knife..."

Paleo Mag "Once you hold a New West Knife..."


The Paleo Diet has certainly found its way into the mainstream media.  For those who have tired it or live strictly by it, we feel your pain and scarfice of cheese and gluten.  Our favorite part about the Paleo Diet is that it brings its people back into the kitchen.  Good luck trying to find "100% Paleo" meals on the street or on the run.  For some it is refreshing to be back in the kitchen and for others it might be terrifying.  New West is here to make that transition easy.  Nothing, and we really mean nothing, creates a seamless transition from eating out to eating right then a sharp well balanced knife. 

"With Paleo in particular, where fresh food prepared at home is the key to greater health, a good knife is paramount to making such a lifestyle a success." - Paleo Mag 
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