Sharpening Services

Free sharpening for life for New West knives & tomahawks. Easy local drop-off for the rest.

Local Drop-off

Our local sharpening service is available for a small fee for just about any sharp object you can bring our way. New West KnifeWorks knives & tomahawks get free sharpening for life.

1. Find the store nearest you and drop your knives in-person. Our store staff can answer any questions you might have:

2. Your factory-sharp knives will be ready in 2-5 business days for pick-up.
Our retail staff will give you an accurate pick-up date when you drop off your items. We don’t call when they’re ready, just swing by on or after the date indicated.

Important Notes:
* We are not responsible for knives left longer than 30 days.
* Payment is due at time of drop off.

Mail-In Sharpening

Sharpening service available for 3rd party brands as an invoice will be emailed to you upon receiving the package.

New West knives get free sharpening for life. Accounting for shipping time, you'll receive your factory-sharp knives in about two weeks from when you send them to us.

1. Fill out, print and include sharpening form in the package with the knives. Form can be filled on your computer and printed out, or printed out and filled in by hand.

2. Sheath the blades and pack knives, shears, or axes securely in a box.

Important: Pack knives in their original leather sheath or a sheath created from cardboard. For the safety of our postal workers, please don’t use padded or cardstock envelopes. Please ship sharp objects in a cardboard box.

3. Ship your knives to our factory in Idaho. We highly recommend using UPS or FedEx with "signature required" for delivery. We are not liable for lost or damaged inbound packages. Please hold on to your shipment tracking number for reference.

Shipping Address
ATTN: Sharpening - Customer Service
New West KnifeWorks
7667 Lupine Lane, #101
Victor, ID 83455
10am - 5pm

4. Get excited for razor-sharp kitchen tools! As part of our warranty, New West KnifeWorks covers the cost of return shipping. We’ll get knives back to you in about two weeks.

Sharpening Price Menu: Local Drop Off

Fees are for Non-New West Products only.

$ 9 - Chef Knives 9" or Under
$ 15 - Chef Knives Over 9"
$15 - Serrated Knives
$15 - Scissors/Shears
$25 - Hatchet/Axe
$20 - Knife Repair *

* Knife Repair Includes:
  - Broken tip repair
  - Blade shape restoration
  - Bent tip repair

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions:
877-258-0100 or