New West Knifeworks

25 Years on the Cutting Edge

Our Mission:

To make the finest knives in the world.

At New West KnifeWorks, we believe that life is a banquet. We don't just sell knives-- we invite our customers to the feast, to the sacred ceremony of breaking bread, and the celebration of fine food. We make tools that transform hum-drum, everyday life into a gorgeous, glorious, deeply gratifying adventure. 

Knife Art

For over 15 years, we exhibited and won awards at the Finest Art Shows in the US, such as, Smithsonian Craft Show, Crafts Park Avenue, Sausalito Art Show, Cherry Creek Arts Festival, Park City Kimball Arts Festival and many, many more. Our art show origins inspire us to make our shops look and feel like an art gallery—because we want people to understand our knives are more than just a “tool." They are vessels of our passion for cooking and sharing culinary creativity with family and friends. We make our knives beautiful so they will beckon you to pick them up and put them to use.

Highest Performance

To make knives that THRIVE in the extreme chaos of the professional kitchen requires a relentless commitment to the cutting edge. It means persistent experimentation with design until form is seamlessly fused with function. It means seeking out the finest ingredients and combining them with the patient hands of an artist. Our unwavering pursuit of our mission makes us the choice of pros around the world. So, whether you are a pro or home chef, our knives become an extension of your hand and turn your time on the cutting board into a performance.

American Makers

The quality of a fine tool or instrument is measured by its capacity to respond to the skill of the hand that holds it. This is why we don't have an assembly line at New West KnifeWorks. We believe that a tool that is held in the hand needs to be finished by hand. A single maker takes a knife from the beginning to the end of our manufacturing process. From hand-finishing the handle to perfecting the grind, our makers transmit their expertise directly into the finished details of each knife. This is why we value our makers as the heart of our enterprise. We believe in the dignity of hand skill and never put making a buck above craftsmanship and the conditions required to nurture excellence.


A great reputation is built over time through sustained effort and consistency. We guard ours carefully through strict quality control and by challenging ourselves to be better in the factory, the corporate office and on the retail floor. Our commitment to excellence has been recognized in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, Forbes, Bloomberg, NPR and many other top publications and is backed by our lifetime service guarantee.

Code of the New West

Out of the blazing forge’s heat
and hammering hum beneath our feet,
in each sparkling grind of steel
and finished polished edge we feel

the Presence of our shared desire,
wrought of Vision forged in Fire,
To Make the World’s Finest Knife
an emblem of what’s best in Life-

which is, to serve and to create.
More than mere tools, we celebrate
the passion with which they are used,
the love and skill with which they’re fused.

We are a part of all their ends,
the meals for family and friends,
the dressing of the hunter’s prize,
the homes adorned with resin dyes.

Our legacy’s much more than knives.
we help our patrons forge their lives
with memories of what is Best-
That is the Mission of New West.

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