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6" Petty Utility Knife

7" Teton Edge Santoku

8" Chef Knife

9" Chef Knife

6" Petty Utility Knife

3" Mini Chopper

Are these paring knives on steroids or chef knives with an inferiority complex? The Mini Chopper is a beautiful little workhorse that is small enough to hold in the hand for precision paring jobs but holds its own on the cutting board chopping vegetables and slicing garlic and herbs. Shop the Mini-Chopper.

5" Chopper

A manageable size, stout handle, and curved belly are ideal for vegetables. The unique shape and medium size make it a welcome addition to just about any collection. Our famous “Salsa” knife, works great on all those veggies AND has a generously wide blade for scooping the ingredients into a pan or bowl. The 5" Chopper

7" Teton Edge Santoku

This Japanese style blade takes its name from the "three virtues" of slicing, dicing and mincing. An all-purpose, full-size chef knife, the Santoku features a generous width for easy scooping while the moderate length and ergonomic design make it extremely agile on the cutting board. Shop the Teton Edge Santoku

7" Teton Edge Santoku

3" Paring

Our paring knife has a modified "Drop Point Design" which results in a more forgiving knife that doesn't get stuck when coring an apple or removing the eyes of a potato. Once you get used to this unique shape, you'll love it and never want to use another paring knife. The 3" Paring

6" Deli

From the bread to all the goodies inside, the Deli is designed for the sandwich connoisseur. Blast out BLTs and Reubens in no time flat. No more crooked or crumbly bagels, no more mutilation of tomatoes - the proprietary wave serration slices soft and hard fruits and veggies properly every time. The 6" Deli

6" Petty Utility

The ultimate kitchen utility knife. This classic Japanese blade shape works great as a peeling, paring, boning and carving knife for vegetables, fruits, herbs and other delicate work. It can also take on some of the slicing and dicing jobs of a large chef knife when you don't want to switch back and forth. Shop the Petty

8" Chef Knife

The Chopper

The New West "Chopper" has been a signature knife since our early art show days. The unique shape of this mid-size knife makes it a great complement to any knife collection. The deep belly of the Chopper makes it the ultimate veggie knife. The 5" Chopper

The Superbread

With our signature wave serration, the Superbread has unparalleled ability to slice crusty, flaky, or delicate baked goods without crumbling. Much more than just a bread knife, this is the ultimate slicer for raw, cured or roasted meats, ripe tomatoes, and any other soft food that has a tendency to crush or tear when sliced.
Shop the Superbread

The 3" Paring

A comparison by Cooking Light's test kitchen called this beauty "America's Best" paring knife. Don't be fooled, this wasn't a beauty pageant, it was a cutting board obstacle course focused on finding the champion in a variety of jobs --peeling, coring, mincing, pitting-- that the colorful knife looks good getting the job done is just icing on the cake. Shop the 3" Paring Knife

9" Chef Knife

The 6" Deli

Allergic to sharpening? This one's for you. The serrated edge keeps slicing for a very, very, very long time. And when it finally does need a tune-up, send it back for free (as with all our knives) to be re-sharpened for the next decade. The 6" Deli

The 3" Mini Chopper

The Mini Chopper is the perfect complement to any cheese and charcuterie plate, adding a touch of elegance while effortlessly getting the job done. In the kitchen, this beauty is all business-- the flat blade's plentiful width and short, agile length are ideal for smashing and mincing garlic, chopping and scooping onions, and mincing herbs. Shop the Mini Chopper

The 3" Paring

With the 9" Chef as your cutting board workhorse, pick up a 3" Paring for the precision jobs. Mincing, coring, peeling, pitting, the Paring knife does it all with style. Shop the 3" Paring Knife


The vibrant colors of the G-Fusion line remind us that making nourishing, delicious food for those we love is an expression of who we are. We make tools to be an extension of the hand of the culinary artist.


Don’t be fooled by the pretty colors, these handles are bombproof. Originally developed for the motherboard of a computer, this fiberglass laminate is extremely tough, feels good in the hand, and thrives in the hot and humid environment of a professional kitchen.


S35VN is the best steel available for kitchen use. Sharpness, edge-holding, stain-resistance, toughness: the powder metal process lets us pack in more carbon and special alloys with none of the tradeoffs of other high-carbon blades.


From top test kitchens like Bon Appetit and Food & Wine to Michelin star restaurants and your local favorite bistro, New West KnifeWorks is professionally tested and approved. “My Best Friend in the Kitchen.” Hunter Lewis, Editor in Chief, Food & Wine Magazine.


For those who prefer the natural look and feel of a wooden handle, we tested all the top candidates: Desert Ironwood rose to the top. One of the hardest woods on Earth, it makes a perfect companion in the kitchen for the cutting edge blade.


A knife is an extension of the hand, which is why all of our knife handles are hand-finished in the USA. We don’t have an assembly line, each knife is taken through the entire knife-making process by one expert maker to ensure the quality of every blade.


Traditional steel selection always involved trade-offs: too sharp and it becomes brittle, too much stain-resistance makes it cut like a butter knife, too tough and you can’t sharpen it yourself. S35VN steel gives our blades all the good qualities with none of the bad.


The craftsmanship of our knives is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We also offer free sharpening and service for all of our knives by mail or through our retail shops.