We are Wearing Masks

We are Wearing Masks

We are wearing masks.

We are excited to be reopening our stores in Jackson Hole, Park City, Napa and Victor, ID. Our situation requires extra care because our locations are in major tourist destinations that will see visitors from all over the US. Like we did when we resumed manufacturing, we will be diligent in using procedures and protocols to ensure the health and safety of our customers, employees and communities.   We also realize how important it is to prevent a local outbreak to protect our jobs, our business and local economy from further disruption.  

We will use many tools, though mildly inconvenient, that will still allow for a pleasant shopping experience.  We will limit occupancy, keep our distance, keep the doors open, clean things after they are touched and we and our customers will wear masks.  There has been much hubbub recently about wearing masks.  For us, knifemakers who wear masks every day, it appears to be a tempest in a teacup.  The majority of scientists seem to think it is our best protection from spreading the coronavirus, so we are going with that.  In Jackson Hole, we use personal protective equipment (PPE) every day. We wear life jackets and wetsuits on a rafting trip, avalanche transceivers for backcountry skiing, carry a pistol or bear spray in bear country and, of course, masks and safety glasses for making knives,  it’s the kind of thing you hope you never need and usually never do.  But you still don’t leave home without them just in case.  We will have sometimes over 100 people in our store from every corner of the US in a day. It’s our hope the bright summer sun will make the virus melt away but no way, for the safety of our staff, our customers and our community, are we going to take unnecessary chances.  Life is long and wearing masks for a few months is no big deal.  When this is over, we will still be wearing ours. 

If you don’t want to wear a mask in our stores, you are welcome to shop online or give us a ring.  We’ll get you all fixed up.

- NWKW Founder Corey Milligan

New West KnifeWorks Factory Team

The New West KnifeWorks Factory Team

New West KnifeWorks Retail Procedures 3.0- COVID-19
Sales Floor Policies and Procedures:


All doors will remain wedged open during business hours with velvet ropes creating a barrier of immediate entry.  No touching of door handles for customers or employees.

All locally compliant and NWKW mandatory signs are immediately visible at entry points.

Retail staff greet each customer or group of customers at the entrance of the shop and give a safety guide talk.  

MASKS ARE MANDATORY FOR ALL VISITORS AND STAFF.  Zero tolerance on this policy.  Disposable masks are available.

Upon entry, guests are asked to use our provided hand sanitizer.  


*Occupancy determined by store.

Social Distancing: Staff and customers must maintain 6’ distance between groups, individuals, and staff whenever possible.

Clean any surface and product after it has been touched using an alcohol solution.

Provide a “you touched it” cart for items touched to be cleaned. Use of these carts mentioned during the “safety” speech.


**Plexiglass is provided and oriented to minimize contact between the customer, goods, and staff. 

Customers swipe their own card and are given the option to allow staff to fulfill a proxy signature or sign their signature.

New West KnifeWorks will not accept cash or check until further notice.

Employees sanitize products prior to wrapping.

Employees sanitize equipment (POS system) and hands before and after transactions.

Internal Policies. Open and Closing Procedures.


Be Clean. Be Healthy.
Clean. Disinfect. 

If employees feel sick in any way, stay home and call in.  NWKW will pay for any coronavirus testing not covered by insurance.  

Outside of usual opening procedures:

  • All communal and high traffic areas and surfaces must be sprayed and wiped with disinfectant.
    • POS System
    • Door Handles
    • Cash Wrap
    • Knife Cases and counters.
    • Bathroom

Masks must be worn by employees once upon entry.

At the beginning of operating hours, doors are propped open and velvet ropes or equivalent are displayed outside entrances.

During Hours of Operation:

Refer to the above procedures.

For employees:

  • Bathroom facilities must be wiped down after every employee uses them.  Bathrooms are not to be used by anyone outside of NWKW employees.
  • Employees are allowed to remove masks while outside the shop and maintain six feet of distancing.

Closing Procedures:

Outside of usual closing procedures:

  • All communal and high traffic areas and surfaces must be sprayed and wiped with disinfectant.
    • POS System
    • Door Handles
    • Cash Wrap
    • Knife Cases and counters.
    • Bathroom
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