Learn More: The Knead for Bread reviews 9'' Super Bread

The Knead for Bread reviews 9'' Super Bread

   Bread Knife Review


For some reason health nuts around the world are suddenly against Carbs, and all the miracious things that go with them.  But thanks to The Knead for Bread, we can all hop back on the "Baked Goods" train.  We sent our Carb Friendly bloggers our signature 9'' Super Bread Knife. We already knew it was the greatest bread knife EVER made, The Knead for Bread made our knife sound way better.

"When the bread knife arrived I pulled the knife out of it’s  beautiful leather case. I was amazed at how light it was and how it fit perfectly in my hand. I was also pleasantly surprised to see the craftsmanship and quality that went into creating this knife. It’s sexy … yes I said sexy.  It’s a stunning bread knife and would add some shiny bling to any kitchen. The Super Bread Knife features a unique ‘wave’ serration that allows it to be sharpened using a diamond or ceramic steel, and it allows the knife to maintain the advantage of serration and still be kept razor sharp. The wave serration slices bread and meats with ease. The handle is gorgeous, with it’s layers of colored hardwood veneers that are impregnated with an engineered grade resin. This gives the handle a smooth look that is super-durable and will last forever."


Thanks Knead for Bread.  You keep baking and we will keep eating.


Super Bread Knife on Knead for Bread