New West KnifeWorks' Community Fundraising

100% of the proceeds from this auction will go to World Central Kitchen and supporting their mission to provide "a hot meal where it is needed most".

During the COVID-19 pandemic World Central Kitchen (WCK) has worked with local chefs and restaurants in dozens of cities to provide meals to those who need them most. Families that depend on the school system for meals and seniors who need to shelter in place, in many cases lack the support structure to stay food-secure.

WCK's #ChefsForAmerica program works with local restaurants, using their facilities and employing their staff to donate meals to the community. "#ChefsForAmerica is making a key connection between people who need meals and restaurant workers and drivers who need to earn a living." -

Their programs reach around the world to provide hot meals in areas affected by natural disasters and societal crisis. Not only does WCK provide relief during the time of disaster, but they assess the community and put programs in place to ensure greater food security for years to come. Learn more about their
Food Resilience programs here.

If you don't have one already, please create an online profile to place a bid!