Uru Collection: Shaconage 8pc Steak

Uru Collection: Shaconage 8pc Steak

Uru Steak Knife Set & Block: Apex on the Cutting Board.

Combining the most advanced steel and design available anywhere in the world, the Uru Steak Knife Set takes the cutting edge to its current limit. Damasteel blades paired with Desert Ironwood handles, this set includes 8 steak knives housed in the one-of-a-kind Shaconage Rock Block. This mixed-media rock block is hand-crafted from Red Granite w/ Quartz, Walnut, Blue Resin, and is tied together with a stylish Aluminum accent band. The stunning and practical vessel will keep your Uru chef knives conveniently at hand while transforming the kitchen into an aesthetic space. 

Shaconage Rock Block dimensions:
Height: 6.75" 
Width: 10"
Depth: 5"
Knives included: 8 steak knives

URU STEEL: The Stuff of Legends. 
In Norse mythology, “Uru” refers to the rarest substance in the universe out of which Thor’s hammer was made. We felt that was a fitting homage for the powder metal, stainless Damascus known as Damasteel. New West KnifeWorks has partnered with the Damasteel Company of Soderfors, Sweden to produce the raw steel billet.  The Swedish company is the sole producer of powder metal, stainless Damascus in the world. The blades are cut, ground, heat-treated, and hand-finished in America by the skilled makers of New West KnifeWorks.

Made for Great Deeds.
Though it looks like it belongs in an art gallery, the Uru Steak Knife was made for mythic accomplishments in the kitchen. The use of powder metal allows for performance far superior to traditionally, hand-forged, carbon-damascus steel or Japanese production “clad” damascus steel.  PM steel is tougher allowing for super-thin blades with unparalleled cutting ability. The steel is also stainless rated which makes maintenance simple and ensures their beauty and performance last many lifetimes.  

Timeless Desert Ironwood.
After months of testing various hardwoods and laminate woods for durability, water resistance, and overall look and feel, the richly textured desert ironwood rose to the top. These richly grained handles and super sharp blades will impress the most selective chef knife aficionados.

The Ultimate Precision Tableware
These naturally gorgeous steak knives cut even better than they look. The unique blade is serrated where it's needed to protect the edge from cutting on hard ceramic plates, with razor-sharp straight edges to start and finish the cut. Our 2.0 steak knife features a super-thin plunge ground blade and tapered tang for incredible cutting ability and balance.


Blade Length



Overall Length



Max blade width



Steel thickness



Blade thickness






Steel Type


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