Teton Samurai Starter Set

Teton Samurai Starter Set

Starter Set: American-made, samurai style.

The "Teton Samurai" starter set features two very popular and effective Japanese-inspired blade shapes - the Santoku and the Petty. This is a great choice for those looking to cover all the basics- a full-size knife for heavy cutting board duties and something agile and light for precision work. From small home butchering projects to julienne-cut carrots, this combo covers it all. Backed by our Lifetime Guarantee, these American-Made chef knives turn prep work into performance art.

Teton-Edge Santoku
This Japanese-style blade takes its name from the "three virtues" of slicing, dicing, and mincing. An all-purpose chef knife, the santoku features a generous width for easy scooping while the moderate length and ergonomic design make it extremely agile on the cutting board. Learn more about the Teton Edge Santoku

The Petty
The ultimate kitchen utility knife. This classic Japanese blade shape works great as a peeling, paring, boning, and carving knife for vegetables, fruits, herbs, and other delicate work while also taking on some of the slicing and dicing jobs of a large chef knife when you don't want to switch back and forth. This popular knife was described by Bon Appetit as "the perfect balance of power and grace." Learn more about the Petty Knife

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