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The Tactical Outdoor Chef

The Tactical Outdoor Chef

An outdoor chef and camp knife designed with a Navy Seal. The culmination of 25 years of cutting edge knife design and manufacture, The TOC is an elite "Jack of All Trades" category defining tool.

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If James Beard and Jim Bowie shared a knife.
The TOC is designed to do everything around the campsite: cook, camp chores, or fend off bandits if the need arises. The CPM S35VN particle metallurgy, super-steel has the perfect balance of hardness and toughness for the task at hand. The Barracuda™ partial serration assures effortless slicing whether its tomatoes, bread or rope. The .150“ tang provides incredible stability for the keen .015” edge which will slice pronghorn antelope tenderloin into paper thin slices of Cowboy Carpaccio out on the range. The clip point makes the agile tip apt for paring knife duties, yet sturdy enough for critical damage in tactical applications.


Blade length 6 5/8"
Blade height 1 7/8"
Overall length 12 1/8"
Total length 12 1/8"
Height 1 7/8"
Blade thickness 0.015"
Spine thickness 0.135"
Weight 217g
Steel CPM S35VN
Rockwell scale HRC 58-60
Made in USA
Handle material SureTouch G10

Use & Care

  • Hand wash with warm soapy water and hand dry for maximum edge retention and stain resistance. For safety and edge protection, store dry knives in their leather sheath, in a wood block, or on a magnet designed to hold knives. For a full tune-up: free lifetime sharpening.
  • Do not put in the dishwasher - this will dull the knife.
  • For edge retention, cut only on wood or softer plastic cutting boards.
  • As needed, apply a light coat of mineral oil to the handle with a soft cloth to enhance vibrance. 
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Lifetime Sharpening

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Lifetime Warranty

Every knife comes with a lifetime 100% performance satisfaction guarantee.

Key Features

Swage Grind

The swage grind (or swedge grind) on the spine of the clip point adds a beautiful angular detail to the blade, while also providing functional benefit. It reduces the weight, balancing the blade, while optimizing penetration whether you are piercing dense meat, carving around bones or stabbing things.

Clip Point Design

The clip point design is inspired by the original American combat blade, the bowie knife. The clip point lowers the tip creating a longer, flatter cutting edge- more effective for chopping and slicing food. Alternatively, if you are James Reese and it comes down to a knife fight with a grizzly or international terrorist, the tip of the clip point makes the TOC a formidable tactical instrument.

Barracuda™ Serration

The TOC’s unique, partial serration is crucial to its versatility, allowing effortless slicing of soft foods like tomatoes and bread while also handling tougher camp jobs like cutting rope. Using our proprietary Wavegrind™ serration process we apply a unique Barracuda™ grind to the serrated portion of the blade. The Barracuda’s asymmetrical teeth bite in both directions, cutting aggressively whether you are pushing or pulling.

Handle End Striker

The straight, tactical handle allows for a comfortable, secure grip in many different hand positions- a chef’s pinch grip of the blade, a traditional forward hammer grip, or using a reverse “ice pick” grip for making cocktails or defending camp from invaders.

The Grip

The certain grip is made possible by SureTouch™, the latest innovation in knife handle technology. The G10 and rubber composite handle ensures no slipping under any conditions an outdoor operator might encounter. G10 has become the universal benchmark for bombproof handle construction- the addition of alternating layers of rubber provide a secure grip in wet and dry conditions.

The Sheath

The TOC sheath is designed to carry easily about camp. While securing the blade with New West KnifeWorks’ MagnaKeep™ system, the TOC sheath allows for quick and effortless deployment. The Sam Browne button stud tucks the knife into a belt for wearing around camp without a hitch. While typical outdoor knives use plastic or other synthetics, the TOC blends nature with tech, combining handsome leather and secure magnets so it looks good fixed to your belt.

The Handle

The straight tactical handle allows for a secure grip in many different hand positions. It is secure and comfortable using a chef's pinch grip of the blade and the traditional forward hammer grip. It is also strong in the hand using a reverse “ice pick” grip for making cocktails or defending camp from invaders.

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