Pro Starter Set

Pro Starter Set

Prep Like a Pro

This starter set makes the home chef feel like a pro and the pro feel like they're working from home. It only takes two knives to take care of most tasks on the cutting board. The extra inch on the 9" means more leverage and less effort when you're taking care of business.

The 9" Chef: A Lightsaber for the Kitchen Jedi
For some, an 8 is too small and a 10 is too big. Either way you slice it, "the 9" hits the sweet spot for many professional and home cooks alike. The elegant, ergonomic design is perfectly balanced so the powder metal blade can do most of the work for you. 

"My best friend in the kitchen" 
At New West Knifeworks we consider it a privilege to have our knives in the hands of professional chefs. So, when the Editor-in-Chief of Food and Wine Magazine described the 9 as his "best friend in the kitchen", we were over the moon. Another Food and Wine editor said he "felt like it could cut through a rock" if he needed it to. The secret to this knife is the alloyed powder metal steel. This ultra-sharp and durable steel allow for a thin profile that amplifies its sharpness, so it feels like it, not just slices, but glides through food. Wide at the base, generously curved, and thin at the tip, -- the 9 is extremely versatile and you will continually discover new jobs for it to do. Learn more about the 9" Chef

"America's Best" paring knife
A recent comparison by Cooking Light's test kitchen called this beauty "America's Best" paring knife. Don't be fooled, this wasn't a beauty pageant, it was a cutting board obstacle course focused on finding the champion in a variety of jobs- peeling, coring, mincing, pitting-- that the G-Fusion paring knife looks good getting the job done is just icing on the cake. Learn more about the Paring

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