3" Mini Chopper



Paring precision plus cutting board power. The Mini Chopper is a beautiful little workhorse for folks who do not like large knives. It holds its own chopping vegetables, prepping meats, and is a pleasure to show off with a charcuterie board.

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Materials & Care

Charcuterie champ or apex Granny knife.
“Growing up in the Midwest, all the mom’s I knew used a paring knife for everything. They’d even use it to carve the turkey at Thanksgiving. I made this knife for them — it holds its own chopping vegetables and prepping meats.” Corey Milligan, Founder New West Knifeworks. 

Paring knives are incredibly inefficient on the cutting board, as they don’t leave room for your knuckles — you can only cut with the tip. There are some folks (many a Midwestern granny, for example) who just aren’t comfortable with a larger knife. The Mini Chopper performs many of the tasks of a chef knife with the manageable length of a paring knife. The wide blade of the Mini Chopper allows for full contact of the edge with the cutting board.

Also, the Mini Chopper is the perfect complement to any cheese and charcuterie plate, adding a touch of elegance while effortlessly getting the job done. The sharp edge can cut the hardest cheese or salumi. The wide blade can generously spread the holiday cheese log. The Mini Chopper is the essential knife for some and a fabulous “showing off” on the cheese plate for all.

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