4pc The Deluxe Set.

4pc The Deluxe Set.

A knife for every need - the 4 piece deluxe set.

A complete tool box for any professional or home chef. For the serious cook, having the right tool for the job turns food prep from a chore into an opportunity for performance art. The Deluxe has a knife of every size: an 8-inch chef knife for big jobs, mid-size utility knife for fine slicing, and a hand-held paring knife for precision work. In addition, the deluxe starter also has our popular serrated "Deli" knife. This makes this set complete--- the precision serrations of this blade is optimal for bread, tomatoes, and other fine-slicing jobs.

The "Light-Speed 8": new spin on a classic shape.
For folks who find a traditional 8-inch chef cumbersome or intimidating, the graceful blade shape, tapered tang, and super thin blade grind turn this precision instrument into an extension of your hand. To learn more about the 8" Chef Knife Click Here

The Petty
The ultimate kitchen utility knife. This classic Japanese blade shape works great as a peeling, paring, boning and carving knife for vegetables, fruits, herbs and other delicate work while also taking on some of the slicing and dicing jobs of a large chef knife when you don't want to switch back and forth. This popular knife was described by Bon Appetit as "the perfect balance of power and grace." To learn more about the Petty Click Here

The Deli
From the bread to all the goodies inside, the Deli is designed for the sandwich connoisseur. Blast out BLTs and Reubens in no time flat. No more crooked or crumbly bagels, no more mutilation of tomatoes- the proprietary serration slices fruits and veggies properly every time. To learn more about the Deli Click Here

The Paring
The G-Fusion paring knife has a modified "Drop Point Design" which results in a more "forgiving" knife that doesn't get stuck when, for example, coring an apple or removing the eyes of a potato. Once you get used to this unique shape, you'll love it and never want to use another paring knife. The broad belly and generous curve are particularly perfect for those who tend to use a paring knife for everything. Though the blade is small, the handle is ample- giving the blade a firm agility in the hand. To Learn more about the Paring Knife Click Here

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