Learn More: New West KnifeWorks on TV in PBS's Movable Feast with Fine Cooking

New West KnifeWorks on TV in PBS's Movable Feast with Fine Cooking

Our sharp and expressive knives are feeling a bit of star power lately! Not long ago we were slipped some pre-premier photos of them in the hands of chefs in Fine Cooking & PBS's show, "Movable Feast". In case you haven't heard of it, Moveable Feast is an Emmy-nominated TV series in which Pete Evans, Australia's top celebrity chef, travels across North America to meet the continent's most inspring chefs and skilled food artisans. The arc of each episode follows Chef Pete Evans learning about these passionate food professionals' flavorful creations and then collaborating with them to pick the perfect outdoor setting and host a fabulous pop-up feast.

The latest season just started airing and you can check your local listings here to see when and where you can catch these fascinating and delicious adventures.

Top row left to right: Series host, Chef Pete Evans in action; New West KnifeWorks Teton Edge Santoku slivering soft boiled eggs
Bottom row left to right: New West's KnifeWorks Mini Chopper with fresh feta; Chefs in Mexico City move fast to slice grilled beef for the big feast



More information on the series online here and more great photos on social media at the handles below:

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