Learn More: Table for Two reviews our 5'' Chopper

Table for Two reviews our 5'' Chopper


Table for Two, thanks for letting our Chopper turn your kitchen upside down.  This 5'' Work Horse, is nothing short of a Beauty and The Beast combination.  The Fusionwood handles provide the class and elegant looks. While, the 5'' santoku styled blade makes you want to blow out your hair and listen to heavy metal while you make even the most simple of Mirpoix. Table for Two is now one of my "Go To" blogs. Not sure what to make, bake, or blend. Let Table for Two direct you in the right way.


"I was given this chopper knife to review and on first thought, I thought it was kind of puny. It’s a lot smaller than the knives I use at home but hey, big things come in small packages, right? Well, that is definitely true with this knife. I realized this wasn’t puny at all. It fit so well in my hand. Why do I have to use an oversized handle and knife to do my chopping? This sliced right through all my vegetables and I love how clean the cut was. Just one swipe of the knife and it was cut and sliced beautifully. I felt like I could chop everything so much faster with the smaller knife. I had more CONTROL over what I was doing (which is great cause I don’t really want to lose a finger at 25 years of age) and I was able to do it swiftly. I went back to read the description of the handle and sure enough, they designed it so that anyone – large or small hands – could use this knife with control."- Table for Two

Chopper Knife makes quick work of vegetables