Learn More: Off The Cuff 5'' Chopper Review

Off The Cuff 5'' Chopper Review

Off The Cuff 5'' Chopper Review


"We recently had the chance to test out their new Fusionwood five-inch Chopper Chef’s knife, and in a word – wow. It’s not a large knife, but its functionality and versatility are quite impressive. As you might expect, the blade is razor sharp, but equally impressive is the knife’s exceptional balance in-hand.  It’s easy to work with and makes for a durable, compact, and – frankly – striking kitchen heirloom." -Off The Cuff


Thanks Chris!

Washington D.C is and has always been a hub for fashion and politics.  After George Washington turned a swamp into our Nation's Capital, people have been working with there hands and minds to create more then just legislation. Before Thanksgiving our friend Chris threw us a shout. And in return, we threw a 5'' Chopper his way. I must say, in D.C. American made products fit right in.


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