Learn More: NWKW & MMTS in Big Life Mag!

NWKW & MMTS in Big Life Mag!

Big feature in Big Life Magazine this Winter!

It is hard not to brag when your company is featured in Big Life Magazine.  The crew from our new favorite MTN lifetstyle magazine followed us to our production shop in Idaho Falls.  From the get go, the Big Life team was over their head with excitement.  From the raw steel to the finished product, we walked Big Life through each step of our knife and tomahawk making processes.  With a five page spread, we are honored by the feature.  Check out Big Life's feature on New West KnifeWorks and MTN MAN Toy Shop on newsstands now!

"A former river guide and chef, Milligan began knife-making 20 years ago. He says: "When I started making knives, the choice was a white handle or a black handle!" Nothing inspired him and no blades impressed him. A doer rather than a complainer, Milligan began designing his own knives for manufacture." 

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