Learn More: Mountain Outlaw "Avoid The Slopes"

Mountain Outlaw "Avoid The Slopes"

The Greater Yellowstone Area covers alot of ground- about 20,000,000 acres.  Our friends from Mountain Outlaw do a incredible job of letting visitors and locals know what's up and what's happening in and out of some of the Rocky's most famous little cities.  Their lastest edition, Winter '15-'16, features a great write up on how to "Avoid The Slopes."  As most of us here at the Shop are powder hounds we understand that there a few unique individuals who would rather skip the slopes for a warm fire, a good drink and a little R&R. Our Tomahawk made the featured article for its vertitily and toughness.  Whether it is spliting kindling or a little target practice, our Tomahawk is more than just a fancy peice of mountain man lore. If you see a copy of Mountain Outlaw around down, be sure to pick it up.  It isn't your average publication.

Thanks Mountain Outlaw! 

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