Learn More: Corey Milligan and NWKW featured in Range

Corey Milligan and NWKW featured in Range

New West KnifeWorks featurred this Spring in Range Magazine!

A great local publication chronicling good design and good living here in Jackson Hole, Range Magazine interviewed New West KnifeWorks owner Corey Milligan about our knives, his journey through years of knifemaking, and a little bit about his philosophy as a businessman/artist (which is it?). It is a great little article about our corner of the knife world, complete with photos of Corey brandishing our Superbread and limited edition Elk Antler Santoku.

"My brother is a poet.  And he comes up with all of these beautiful sayings. One is "Cooking is a fine art, and the knife is the artist's brush." - Corey Milligan

Read the whole article here! 

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