About NWKW's Custom Damascus

About NWKW's Custom Damascus:
All New West customs are 100% handmade. The steel is hand-forged, the blades are hand-ground, the handles and bolsters, hand-shaped and assembled.  They are unique, heirloom pieces that can be treasured for a lifetime.

NWKW customs are made in the workshop of master bladesmith Norm Schenk in Idaho Falls, ID. New West customs are the finest handmade knives in the world.  Norm has been making handmade knives for over 50 years.  He has been developing his knives over the entire span of the modern custom knife industry.  Besides making finished knives for New West and the Mountain Man Toy Shop.  Norm and his boys are the most sought after producers of raw Damascus steel billets and blade blanks for other custom knifemakers in the US.  They have made more Damascus steel than anyone in the US and have developed over 50 different Damascus steel patterns.

About Damascus steel: 
Pattern welded or “Damascus” steel is a process of forging and folding two or more different steels into one billet or bar.  Modern Damascus steel evolved from the centuries old sword making techniques of folding and forging raw steel to refine its grain structure and greatly improve its performance.  In modern times,  this process has been refined to create blades that have incredible performance in terms of edge holding, sharpenability and toughness.  The process has evolved to create blades of exquisite beauty that have lifted the craft to the level of art. The skill and precision to weld different steels into a tool both beautiful and effective requires a virtuosity akin to the great craftsmen and artists of any medium. At New West Knife Works, we create more exotic blade patterns than you will find anywhere else.  Our finished knives are heirloom-treasures to be enjoyed both for their performance and beauty.

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