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Mother's Day Gifts She'll

Top Gifts for Moms

When you love the tools you use, everyday chores become a joy. Let us help you find the tools that the moms in your life are sure to love -- whether they are an old hand in the kitchen or just kindling their love of cooking. We made this gift guide to help you navigate the options-- if you’re still not sure which one to choose, contact one of our “knife concierges” by emailing to help you find the perfect match.

Mother's Day Special: Get a free Paring, Mini Chopper or Mini Paring knife with the purchase of any chef knife! No discount code needed. Choose from one of these featured sets or build your own. The discount will apply automatically in checkout! Sale ends May 15, while supplies last.

The Classic Starter Set

This classic combo covers everything you need on the cutting board. Conventional wisdom says you need two knives to take care of business, a chef knife and a paring knife. If you or your loved one is kindling a passion for cooking- quality knives will get the fire going. The Classic Starter set is a great investment for a lifetime of culinary adventure.

The Bread and Cheese Set

Are dull knives giving your cheese wheel a flat and turning your fluffy loaves to flatbread? Never fear- the Bread and Cheese Set is here! This precision set celebrates the simple and profound pleasures with effortless slicing that leaves no mark.

The Power and Grace Set

Inspired by our conversations with Grace Young, who has been lauded as the "poet laureate of the wok," we've created a set of simple, masterful tools for mastering the art of the stir fry. The Santoku handles slicing and dicing fresh veggies and meats with aplomb while the mini-chopper minces garlic and ginger with precision.

3pc Essential Set

Slice it, dice it, flip it. The essential set includes the three essential kitchen tools you will use everyday in every way. This set combines the "light speed" agility from the 8" Chef with the unique utilities of the Paring and the Fish Spatula. A perfect combo for the home cook who you cares about the tools they need to get the job done.

The 9"Chef Knife

We consider it a privilege to have our knives in the hands of professional chefs. So, when the Editor-in-Chief of Food and Wine Magazine, Hunter Lewis, described the 9 as his "best friend in the kitchen", we were over the moon. Wide at the base, generously curved and thin at the tip, -- the 9 is extremely versatile and you will continually discover new jobs for it to do.

The Kitchen Companion Set

Each knife in this set has a professional pedigree. These are the preferred picks of pros and vetted by the nation's top test kitchens. The set contains all the essentials: a cutting board knife, a serrated knife and a paring knife -- plus our classic and convenient Chopper as the final master-stroke.


A "Cadillac of its kind" Spatula

Don't let the name fool you, the fish spatula is the "utility knife" of spatulas. Of course, it's great for flipping fish, stirring, and cutting-- but the thin profile also makes it fantastic for easily slipping under omelets, pancakes, and latkes. This very spatula was heralded as "the Cadillac of its kind" by the Wall Street Journal.

Our Rugged yet Refined Apron

Designed to safeguard a pro chef or knifemaker at our factory, The Everyday Apron combines comfort and durability with the premium weave of legendary American Cone Denim. The lightweight, 100% cotton-lining makes for great breathability and encourages the apron to drape attractively over the body, because who doesn’t like looking good in the kitchen?

The Toughest Little Masher

Small Size, Big Heart. This masher is a workhorse and it's not just for potatoes. It also produces velvety guacamole, rustic apple sauce, and perfectly crushed berries for pies and jams.


The vibrant colors of the G-Fusion line remind us that making nourishing, delicious food for those we love is an expression of who we are. We make tools to be an extension of the hand of the culinary artist.


Don’t be fooled by the pretty colors, these handles are bombproof. Originally developed for the motherboard of a computer, this fiberglass laminate is extremely tough, feels good in the hand, and thrives in the hot and humid environment of a professional kitchen.


S35VN is the best steel available for kitchen use. Sharpness, edge-holding, stain-resistance, toughness: the powder metal process lets us pack in more carbon and special alloys with none of the tradeoffs of other high-carbon blades.


From top test kitchens like Bon Appetit and Food & Wine to Michelin star restaurants and your local favorite bistro, New West KnifeWorks is professionally tested and approved. “My Best Friend in the Kitchen.” Hunter Lewis, Editor in Chief, Food & Wine Magazine.


For those who prefer the natural look and feel of a wooden handle, we tested all the top candidates: Desert Ironwood rose to the top. One of the hardest woods on Earth, it makes a perfect companion in the kitchen for the cutting edge blade.


A knife is an extension of the hand, which is why all of our knife handles are hand-finished in the USA. We don’t have an assembly line, each knife is taken through the entire knife-making process by one expert maker to ensure the quality of every blade.


Traditional steel selection always involved trade-offs: too sharp and it becomes brittle, too much stain-resistance makes it cut like a butter knife, too tough and you can’t sharpen it yourself. S35VN steel gives our blades all the good qualities with none of the bad.


The craftsmanship of our knives is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We also offer free sharpening and service for all of our knives by mail or through our retail shops.