Commission a Custom Rock Block

Functional Sculpture for the Kitchen Counter
These custom rock blocks are a striking homage to New West KnifeWorks' roots in the towering Teton Mountains and obsession with fine art crafted for every day use. Built by artisan knife makers from quartz-based granite gathered from the Snake River, these one-of-a-kind pieces exemplify how a culinary tool can be "as beautiful as it is useful" (New York Times).  

Commission a One-of-a-Kind Rock Block
Due to the high demand for our Rock Blocks, we now accept commission requests. Rock Block commissions may take several months to fulfill, please contact us for details.

Phone: 877-258-0100

The Cutting Edge is American Made
A New West KnifeWorks, highly skilled hands and modern precision tools work together to create new standards in quality and workmanship. Taking the finest American-made materials, each knife, culinary tool, and knife block is sculpted, assembled, and hand-finished to ensure every piece is a work of art that is built to last.

G-Fusion, New West's signature line of chef knives, combines the advanced metallurgy of "powder metal" CPM S35VN steel with visually striking, indestructible and ergonomic handles of G10. The result is a fusion of form and function Bon Appetit Magazine described as "the perfect balance of power and grace."

In 1998 New West's founder, Corey Milligan, began winning awards at the nation's top juried arts and crafts shows for his "knife art." Now crafted in a built-to-spec 10,000 sq ft workshop in Victor, ID by Corey's team of highly trained knife makers, New West's knives have since been featured in the nation's top culinary and design magazines.