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About Utility Chef Knives

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Table of Contents:

American Made Chef Knives
The cutting edge of cutlery is 'Made in America.'

The History and Evolution of the Chef's Knife.
All about the history of chef knives from Paleolithic flints to the pinnacle of 'super steel' chef knives.

How to Sharpen your Chef's Knives.
Quality chef knives require some maintainence. Get the skills you need to make sure you get your money's worth from your chef knives.

So many Kitchen Knives! What Knives do I need for MY Kitchen?
Chef knives come in so many shapes and sizes these days. Our guide will help you identify which chef knives are suitable for your needs.

Recipe for the ultimate Chef Knife. What's in the steel?
Different steels make different chef knives. This useful info will help clarify the benefits of 'alloyed' steel chef knives. This article also includes a detailed analysis of Powder Metal CPM S35VN the metal New West Knifeworks uses for its Fusionwood Chef Knives.

Forged vs. Stamped Knives - Busting the myths.
These days, forged chef knives aren't necessarily forged and stamped knives can undergo more elaborate heat treatment than a 'forged' knife. This article clarifies some of the superstitions surrounding modern knife production and introduces the idea of 'machined' chef knives.

About Santoku knives
General information about Santoku chef knives. Including their history, use, and design. Also, a comparison between New West's Phoenix and Fusionwood Santokus.

Chef Knife Reviews. Read reviews of all New West Knifework's chef knives
New West's chef knives have been reviewed by top magazines like Wine Spectator and Gourmet as well as top blogs like ChubbyHubby and SteamyKitchen. Check out this page to read all of our chef knife reviews as well as feedback from professional chefs and our home users.

Chef Knives that last a lifetime - the New West guarantee.
All New West chef knives and kitchen cutlery sets are covered by a lifetime replacement policy. New West's commitment to excellence is not limited to our chef knives- we strive to excel at taking care of our customers as well.

Kitchen Utility Knife - What makes a good one?
Smaller than a chef knife, bigger than a paring. What makes a utility knife useful, more than just a reason to buy more knives?

What is a Fusion Chef Knife? What is an East/West Knife?
Many knife brands offer an East/West knife or a Fusion knife. In this article we examine what these terms refer to and how to separate the truth from the 'marketing speak'.

"I Love your knives, not just the look- but the feel and the action. They cut so effortlessly, that it feels as if the vegetables or meat or whatever is cut before I touch the blade to them. Like action at a distance!!!...and did I say they are beautiful???" Naomi Diguid, contributing editor Saveur. Also, Gourmet, Food&Wine, PBS and Food Network. More reviews of New West Knifeworks.