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Tim Scott - Executive Chef, Macy's

I was first introduced to New West Knifeworks at the Twin Cities Food and Wine experience at the Minneapolis convention center. I was doing a cooking demonstration with Govind Armstrong who showed me his knives from New West. Govind told me New West Knifeworks was also presenting at the convention so I sought out there booth and met Corey Milligan, the founder. He gave me a couple samples to take with me and try out. Honestly, the first year, I hardly used them as I have many sets of knives that I use and travel with on a daily basis. They were beautiful, but I was almost afraid to use them.

Finally, about a year later, I took the Phoenix 9 with me on a trip. WOW! The Japanese steel gave the knife incredible lightness and precision- slicing, dicing, and all my cuts were phenomenal. After returning home, I thought I better try out the beautiful Fusionwood knives.

They too were amazing. The comfort of the handle actually exceeded the beauty of the knives, something I certainly didn't expect given how gorgeous they are. My personal favorite of the Fusionwood line is the bread knife. It is amazing but beware it will go through a lot more than just a tomato or a loaf of bread!

I also really like the 8" Fusionwood chef knife. I have been using Wusthof trident knives professionally for 20 years (very happily), and I have always sworn by them and recommended them to others. I never thought I would find a knife that would potentially replace them in my kitchen, but the knives from New West Knifeworks are phenomenal whether you are in a home or professional kitchen.

The Phoenix knives are very light and maneuverable, great for slicing fish, meats or any vegetables. Very comfortable handles and easily maintained.

The Fusionwood are obviously as beautiful a knife as you will ever see and the amazing thing is they are as functional as they are pretty. Very comfortable in your hand with just enough weight, not overly heavy as some very good German knives. The leather cases they come in make them easy to store and travel with, I never travel without my knives (I check my bags).

After showing my chefs and cooks in Minneapolis my knives, everybody wanted to try them and now, they are all hooked. Also, now when I travel to train a team, I bring a New West Knifeworks knife or two and give them as prizes for those who do the best job. Best wishes and thanks to Corey and everyone at New West Knifeworks.

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Naomi Diguid, two time James Beard award winner for 'Best Cookbook of the Year. Contributing editor Saveur magazine. Contributor to Food and Wine, Gourmet, PBS's Baking with Julia and Food Network's Baker's Dozen. Visit her website and blog.

Love them, not just the look- but the feel and the action. They cut so effortlessly, that it feels as if the vegetables or meat or whatever is cut before I touch the blade to them. Like action at a distance!!!... and did I say they are beautiful???

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Ben Ford - Head Chef and Owner, Ford's Filling Station

New West Knifeworks has worked hand in hand with working chefs to produce not only an aesthetically beautiful knife, but also one which holds a great edge and is perfectly balanced. Their Fusionwood Chef 8' is heavy enough to handle the butchery jobs of a small cleaver but still delicate enough to do fine cuts with precision.

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Eric C. Korn - Executive Chef, Good-Life Gourmet in Westchester

I love my Phoenix 9 so much I named it. Roxanne is not only beautiful, it is laser sharp, holds its edge better than any knife I have ever used and is practically invincible. It is an amazing knife. I insist on sharp knives in my kitchen and now buy a New West Knife for members of my team when I give them a promotion.

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Ralph Yedinak - Chef, Waterfront Ale House, Manhattan

I am very satisfied with my New West knives. I cut myself on the bread knife before I could get it out of the plastic cover. That's sharp. They hold a good edge, have a good feel good balance and are a delight to work with. I think the Super Bread knife is by far the most versatile bread knife I have ever used. I am definitely going to buy more and have been telling others to check them out.

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Jim Berman - Culinary Instructor

Most knives are ridiculously sharp in their virgin state, just off the shelf. So, I am talking about the performance of this knife after about 20 hours of use. I ran it across a whetstone to determine if I could return the blade to that ridiculously sharp state. I did.

The appearance of a knife is ancillary; a nice touch but not everything. So how do you describe the function of a knife? Sharp is sharp. Dull is dull. The Chef 8 kept the edge long after I expected it to lose its grip on precision knife work. It is a work horse, at 149$, a good looking horse for your antique wallet, as well. I guess I am set for another decade or more with the Chef 8 in my hand, looking good all the while.

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Jeff Wright, Vancouver, Canada

I am a professional chef from Vancouver, Canada. I have been in kitchens for 20 years plus and I have used a huge assortment of knives in that time. My New West KnifeWorks Chef Knife is by far the best I have used... Ever. The comfort, balance, and keeness of the blade are unbeatable, not to mention the looks of these knives. It's not hard to tell that these knives are made by craftsmen. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these knives to anybody. Thank you for making such a great product. Using such a great knife inspires me to do better at my own job.

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James Harrison, Victoria, Canada

Your knife will now replace my Shun as my prize possession. I know that my colleagues at work will all want to add one of your knives to their collections after they try mine.

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Brock Decker, Green Bay, WI

After discovering your website, well designed with beautiful knives and good descriptions, it took me a fair while before I could convince myself to invest in your knives. My first purchase was your Fusionwood Chef 8" and Phoenix The 9. I had a previous poor experience with 'superhard' steels in the Henckel's Cermax M66 line. It was not sharpenable to anywhere near its factory grind with a triple whetstone and polish. I was hesitant to spend $150 and $200 respectivly, but was intrigued by both blades.

I fully expected to love 'The 9' - the Damascus finish is beautiful, the slope of the blade is elegant, and the website's description just makes you want to cut something with it. I was less excited about the Fusionwood blade, but the handle looked nifty, so how bad could things be?

I was on my way to work the morning I received the blades, brought them in for the rest of the kitchen to ogle. Visually stunning - both blades were beautiful. Still, the Chef 8" blade, thick, wide... Looked clunky. 'The 9' was thin, agile and sharp as hell. It was my blade of choice for the next week.

'The 9' was great for cleaning fish or some meats, fine dices on shallots or onions, anything where a slim, sharp and agile blade would be useful. Due to the thin blade, cuts that provided more resistance wore on the calluses with repetition. Cheese wasn't a good cut, hard sausages, solid root vegetables and the like were less than ideal.

I turned to the Fusionwood Chef 8", and haven't turned back since. The wide blade, thick throughout, gives a wonderful heft to chopping motions, has a light enough tip to clean meat from veal bone, goes through heavy resistance objects well and has the most all around utility. The clunkyness I felt about it dissolved once I understood the width of the blade and how to maneuver the tip. I still use 'The 9' for cleaning tenderloins and walleye, but by and large the Chef 8" is my chef knife of choice.

Both are easy to sharpen with a little love and affection, to a wicked sharpness that has kept me from losing a number of digits that I love.

I recently purchased the Fusionwood Bread knife and Phoenix Sashimi slicer. Both are nice knives, though again I am impressed more with the less expensive Fusionwood. Not a fair comparison in this case as each is a (different) specialty knife. Still, the uniqueness of the Fusionwood's 'wave' blade turned out to be incredibly effective in all kinds of tough slicing - eggplant, tomato, watermelon, etc., allowing precision, sculpting cuts, not the 'tear and slice' you would expect from a serrated edge.

I am hoping to be able to purchase the Paring knives from both sets in a few months. The design seems to offer parallel benefits to each line's chef knives.

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Kristen Ippolito, Lancaster, PA

Whenever I take my knives on a catering job, I always receive compliments about how beautiful they are! They really stand apart from the other knives in the kitchen and stay sharp for a long time!

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Tom Hilton, Silver Spring, MD

The knife was a gift for my son, who is a professional chef in the San Francisco area. He absolutely loves it!

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Dan Catanio - Executive Chef, Mill Casino Resort Hotel, President ACF, Bay Area Chef Association of Oregon

I'm not just "blowing smoke", regarding the Phoenix 9 inch knife.I have been a chef for over thirty years, and the Phoenix 9 inch knife is the best I have ever worked with......Please feel free to use me as an endorsement for your knives!!!! It is an amazing knife...If I could afford to, I would purchase all your different sizes and only use your knives as a "Professional Chef"... Great product.