5" Chopper Featured in Delightful Repast


Jean from Delightful Repast recently reviewed and gave away one of our 5" Ironwood Choppers. We are glad to work with Jean again, here's what she had to say about the knife:

The NWKW knives are as beautiful as they are useful and a joy to work with. Call me shallow, but the first thing I noticed about the Ironwood 5-Inch Chopper was that it is the most gorgeous knife I've ever seen. That desert ironwood handle is beautiful. It is a richly textured, incredibly dense hardwood that with minimal care will last forever, making this an heirloom.

The handle is ergonomic, the blade is razor-sharp, and together they make a well-balanced knife that is just big enough to be my go-to "chef" knife for most of my cutting board work. For the tasks that require a bigger blade, I can pull out a chef knife; but this should take care of about 90 percent of my slicing and chopping. It cuts through tough potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower like butter. Chopping chocolate and nuts is effortless.  - Jean, Delightful Repast

Read the rest of the post here, including an easy recipe for sheet pan home fries.

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