The Trail Less Traveled

The Trail Less Traveled

MTN Man Toy Shop makes fine tools for the world of adventure. We've partnered with a world class adventurer, Mandela Leola van Eeden, to test our gear in the field. Mandela's podcast The Trail Less Traveled was identified as one of the best travel podcasts of 2020 by The Telegraph

Mandela works as an international adventure guide/instructor of whitewater rafting, bush trekking, whitewater kayaking, sea kayaking & riverboarding. She guides 15-day expeditions through the rapids & tributaries of the Grand Canyon & records on location wherever the rivers of the world flow.

The Trail Less Traveled shares the stories of fellow adventurers who live in radical harmony with nature. Mandela interviews aging raconteurs, living legends, camera-shy thrill seekers & people thriving in little-known corners of the earth. Their stories inspire & surprise. They give us new insights about our diverse & amazing world.

Mandela A Trail Less Traveled Podcast

Mandela at Franz Josef glacier, New Zealand

Mandela recently shared some MTN MAN gear with her mentor, Gary Steele, a real Montana MTN MAN known for his primitive skills workshops and camps. Check out Gary's thoughts about the MTN MAN Bird & Trout knife on a trek deep in the desert South West.

Thanks to Gary for the kind words and stay tuned for more upcoming gear adventures with Mandela!

"This is the best you can get." - Gary Steele, mountain man and resident outdoorsman of the Resort at Paw's Up in Montana.




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