Sushi Birthday Tradition

Sushi Birthday Tradition

This story and recipe was contributed by Evelyn, on her 11th birthday. 

• Large sheets of seaweed
• Sushi rice

Sushi filling such as:
• Mango
Cream cheese
• Wonton wrappers
• Cucumber
• Carrot or Jalapenos

Just a few months ago, my older cousin, Carolyn, gave me a 5” chopper to create this blog. My birthday is New Years Eve, so traditionally, we have fireworks and sushi. This Christmas, I received a sushi making kit so I decided to make this blog about the first time I ever made my own sushi. The first thing that we did was to get people's orders. Mom did the texting considering I’m only 10. :) Then we cut the veggies, mangos, and wonton wrappers into thin strips. This was the majority of the work. The slicing was much easier working with such a sharp and useful knife.
Chopper cuts mango for sushi

We then fried the wonton wrappers in peanut oil. They should look something like this when done,
frying wontons

Then we made sushi rice. After making rice, we covered it with a tea towel and set outside to cool. (It was 20 degrees out so it cooled pretty fast.) After that, we put the seaweed in the sushi mold and filled it halfway with rice. Then we compressed the rice in the middle and filled the dent with the cucumber and mango and whatever else that we wanted. We then filled the rest of the mold with rice and folded the excess seaweed over the top. After that, we placed the top of the mold over the seaweed and pressed down. After 5 seconds we removed the top and cut the sushi.
Cutting sushi

Your finished product should look something like this,
Sushi with a chopper

Look at that presentation! I was so excited to see how the colors of the sushi matched the Peacock coloring of the knife handle. I feel like a professional! I hope you get to try this recipe out and Happy New Years!

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