Limited Edition: Dovetail Deli


A continuation of design excellence. The Dovetail Deli builds on our innovative 6” Deli by combining hand-selected Ironwood scales and tiffany blue G10 in an unprecedented handle combination. Our two most durable materials lock together seamlessly in a twist on the traditional, and incredibly strong, dovetail joint. Only 220 of these exquisite pieces have been made and each blade is engraved with its unique production number.

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Materials & Care

Timeless Techniques, Modern Materials
New West’s product development ethos is not only rooted in aesthetic and performance, but also in durability. The easy way to combine these two materials would have been to simply cut each in half and glue. Instead, we dedicated time to precisely machine each handle to seamlessly integrate, while introducing multiple dovetail joints to join the pieces. The Dovetail Deli is designed to inspire culinary creativity and each handle is hand finished for a hold that turns the blade into an extension of the hand. After all, an artist should never be limited by the quality of their brush. 

A Spark of Passion 
Since our early days, New West has been committed to creating imaginative tools that transform everyday tedium into an opportunity for adventure. The Dovetail’s distinctive tiffany blue color is a reminder that the kitchen is a place that rewards bold choices. The juxtaposition of the rustic beauty of desert ironwood and the elegance of tiffany blue create a singular design that is both timeless and a daily pleasure to use.

We invite you to take this powerful tool in the palm of your hand—and prepare to play with your food. Our limited releases go fast, so order yours now. 

The Cutting Edge of Elegance
Developed by New West’s head of engineering, Erin Hemmings, the Dovetail’s proprietary wave serration brings out the best qualities of CPM S35VN steel, resulting in a serrated blade that leaves traditional saw-tooth varieties in the dust. The serrated edge keeps slicing effortlessly for a very very long time. After years of use, if it feels a bit dull, it can be sent back for free to be re-sharpened.

It is truly remarkable what the Dovetail Deli can do. As expected, it slices through breads, bagels, and tomatoes with aplomb. More surprisingly, it will make quick work of fibrous artichoke leaves, and even cut through a whole chicken, bones and all. 

Really the question isn't what will it cut—but what won't it?

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