Juniper Magnet 3 Pack.

Save 15% when you buy 3!

These little art pieces for your wall are the perfect way to store and display your knives. You can hang just one to keep your favorite knife in just the right spot or hang series of them which creates a stunning display. New West KnifeWorks owner, Corey Milligan, harvested these wood pieces outside of Fort Bridger, WY. Desert juniper grows super slowly in the harsh high desert of southwest Wyoming. Each little piece is over 100 years old. It leads to a beautiful dense grain structure. We cut standing deadwood so this product is also sustainable.

This functional piece of art has a hidden rare earth magnet that will hold the heaviest knife securely. The magnet is secured to the wall using super strong 3M tape. It will securely hold the magnet on any surface for many years. The tape is also removable and can be reapplied so you can move the magnets to different locations.

This magnet 3-Pack allows you to hang knives or other magnetic objects in a convenient to find location. They come with a convenient self adhesive tape backing allowing for the convenient attachment to any surface. You can also group several of the magnets to make a custom knife and accessory area instantly on any wall.


 Wood grain and shape may vary.

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