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Steak Knife

Steak Knife

Functional Art. Found in the country’s finest restaurants, The Steak Knife’s unique serration protects the blade from hard ceramic while the razor-sharp straight edge finishes the cut. “As beautiful as it is useful.” NY Times

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Color: Ironwood

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Elite knives for prime cuts.
For over 25 years, New West Knifeworks has made steak knives for The Snake River Grill, the gold standard of fine dining in Jackson Hole. Over 25 years of hard use, dish washing and the uncompromising requirement for elite sharpness and elegant presentation have evolved into the finest steak knife money can buy. Today, New West steak knives are used at the finest restaurants everywhere we have stores, including the Montages in Big Sky and Wine country, the Four Seasons and Shooting Star in Jackson Hole, the Auberge Hotels in Aspen and Napa, the iconic Caribou Club in Aspen, the Goose and Gander in St. Helena, and every Park City locals’ favorite, Handle — to name a few. New West steak knives survive several lifetime’s worth of abuse in a few short years in a restaurant setting and keep on slicing. These indestructible steak knives will be a treasure to use for family gatherings generations to come.

The Steak Knives' unique design comes from decades of use and testing. The cutting edge is shortened and moved far from the handle to keep sharp edges away from fingers. The partial serration initiates the cut into delicate soft beef tenderloins while the straight edge effortlessly finishes the slice. Equally important, the serration protects the knife edge from the plate-   ceramic is much harder than steel. In fact, ceramic is so hard and abrasive it is used to sharpen knives. This means that non-serrated steak knives dull almost immediately when they cut against ceramic. Our serration, strategically placed, allows only the very tip of the serration to touch the plate, protecting the scallops from the plate and allowing them to stay nice and sharp.  The fine tip and elegantly thin blade allow for trimming the most delicious bites around the bone of lamb chop or bone-in ribeye with ease.

If you want your steak knives to truly last forever, we do not recommend putting them in the dishwasher. The reality for our restaurant partners is they must put the steak knives in the dishwasher for sanitation and efficiency. Using 440c steel and G10 composite, we have created the most durable steak knife available. While maintaining excellent edge holding, 440c steel also has heightened stain resistance and takes a better polish for presentation than our workhorse culinary steel, CPM-S35VN. The G10 composite handle is completely waterproof and resists the heat and thermal expansion that over time and repeated dishwashing, would otherwise cause the handle to separate from the blade. Sturdy rivets and aerospace grade epoxy also ensure that separation will not happen. Our steak knives are not cheap, but if you amortize their value over decades (we really want to say centuries but it sounds like hyperbole) and the pleasure they bring to the finest dining occasion they are…priceless.


Blade length 3 1/2 in
Blade height 3/4 in
Overall length 8 3/4 in
Total length 8 3/4 in
Height 3/4 in
Blade thickness 0.015 in
Spine thickness 0.095 in
Weight 3 oz
Steel 440c Stainless
Rockwell scale 58-60 HRC
Made in USA

Use & Care

  • Hand wash with warm soapy water and hand dry for maximum edge retention and stain resistance. For safety and edge protection, store dry knives in their leather sheath, in a wood block, or on a magnet designed to hold knives. For a full tune-up: free lifetime sharpening.
  • Do not put in the dishwasher - this will dull the knife.
  • For edge retention, cut only on wood or softer plastic cutting boards.
  • As needed, apply a light coat of mineral oil to the handle with a soft cloth to enhance vibrance. 
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Lifetime Sharpening

Stay sharp with free tune ups for life. Drop by a store or ship it our way.

Free Returns

Not the right fit? Try another option, or get a full refund within 30 days.

Lifetime Warranty

Every knife comes with a lifetime 100% performance satisfaction guarantee.

Glides through rib-eye steaks as if they are butter. The striking handles do their part to imbue the serving of steak with a sense of ceremony.

The New West Difference

Unmatched Performance

We use CPM S35VN particle metallurgy steel which has the best combination of sharpness, toughness, edge-holding, stain resistance, and sharpenability on the market.

G-Fusion Handle

G10 is an aerospace-grade, fiberglass-epoxy composite material that is virtually indestructible. We developed unique color palettes to inspire creativity in the kitchen.

American Made

Every knife we make is crafted from start to finish by an individual maker in the Teton Mountains using American steel and backed by a lifetime guarantee.


Sustainably sourced, richly textured desert ironwood grows in Arizona where the water-depleted environment creates a grain structure so dense that it sinks in water. The extreme density of ironwood makes it a strong and durable choice of handle material.

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