Definition Forge - 6" 80CRV2 Nakiri

Blade: 80CRV2 High Carbon
Handle: African Blackwood w/ Water Buffalo Bolster
Overall length- 11.5"
Blade length- 6.25"
Blade height at choil- 2"

Includes protective zippered pouch.

September 2015... for weeks now I had been thinking and pondering endlessly about where on my parents property could I, a fifteen year old kid, build a forge and accomplish all of my blacksmithing hopes and dreams. However, the locations I had proposed had some rather serious downsides such as fire hazards and distance from any sort of road. My plans were almost abandoned and dreams crushed when I wandered onto the perfect plot on hillside. Unfortunately for my parents, I took the position of asking for forgiveness rather than permission due to the fact even I would not have approved my request. So with tools in hand and an image in my head I began to create my dream. A brake drum attached to a rusty pipe, buried in the ground, with an electric leaf blower attached by duct tape, a section of rail road track tied to a four by six, and over 5 cords of my fathers premium oak fire wood not 30 yards away, this was the life. And it is because of my father not shutting down my operation at first glance that nearly five years later I can call myself a blacksmith.

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