Jagged Mountain Knives/NWKW - Custom Damascus Aattümpi Puhiketün Chef Knife #023

Blade: 1084/15N20 Damascus 
Handle: Teak Burl w/  Elk Antler, Turquoise & Brass Bolster
Overall length: 12.5"
Blade length: 8.5"
Blade height at choil: 2"

Part of the Aattümpi Puhiketün set (it means white turquoise in Shosoni, which is a tribe that lived in the Tetons)

Artist Bio:

Jagged Mountain Knives was started in 2017 by Jacob Dodd, Westley Dodd, and Andrew Florence. We began making knives solely as a hobby. After time this hobby grew into a passion. Our desire to improve led us to Tedd Harris, an experienced bladesmith, who taught us how to forge and perfect the art of making knives. As our skills grew so did interest from others. We wanted to share our art so we sold our first knives and started Jagged Mountain Knives. From the beginning we have been committed to creating knives with world class quality and will exceed our customers expectations. That is why each knife we make is handcrafted and entirely made in house. Our goal is to offer a knife that can handle anything anyone can throw at it and still look good in the process.


At 15 years old he responded to our ad in the paper looking for a knife sharpener. Even though we didn’t hire him at the time, it was the inception of something special. Not too long after, Jack started to bring in his knives to be sold in our Jackson store. Never to be satisfied, Jack still continues to refine his knife-making skills and, as of June 2021, is one of the youngest ABS Journeymen knife makers. Working out of a brand new workshop built in partnership with New West KnifeWorks, Jack Rellstab is poised to put his mark on the knife world.