Arete Chef Knife Block

Wood Grain

Arete: The Pinnacle of Knife Blocks 
An arete is a ridge of vertical edges that jut from a cliff face. Though a challenging climb, the ascent provides a unique view for those who reach the summit. The Arete is the apex of knife blocks. An homage to our Jackson Hole roots, the magnetic angles provide a striking view while keeping knives optimally at hand.

Virtuous Tools
The ancient Greeks celebrated the concept of “arete” as the virtue arising from the fulfillment of a purpose. As makers, that virtue is what we aim for with all of our tools and the Arete Knife Block embodies that aspiration. Sustainably sourced American hardwoods are individually milled and hand-finished to smooth out all the contours. Then, high-power, neodymium magnets are artfully embedded to support knives in unique positions that create beautiful perspective and ease of use.  

Compatible and Customizable
The Arete is adaptable and will support anywhere from 3-7 knives of different lengths and shapes. The block is designed to beautifully display your knives as you build your collection over time.  

This item includes the block only. Shop our suggested 7-piece knife set in G-Fusion and Ironwood.

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