2023 Aperture / NWKW Steak Knife: 6 Piece Set

2023 Vintage: Limited Production Release
We partnered with award-winning Sonoma winemakers, Aperture Cellars, to create our 2023 vintage, wine barrel steak knives. Wine-soaked, French Oak, barrel remnants were meticulously crafted into handles and paired with our high-performance steak knife blades.The result is a tribute to the timeless pairing of Cabernet Sauvignon and fine steak. Only 24, six-piece sets were produced.

Functional Art: "As beautiful as it is useful." -NY Times
Our unique serration pattern protects the edge when cutting on hard ceramic plates, without sacrificing the razor-sharp performance your meal deserves. Our steak knife features a super-thin, plunge-ground blade and tapered tang for incredible cutting ability and balance.

French Oak: Romantic and Beautiful Textures
These unique knife handles are composed of French Oak from Aperture Cellar wine barrels. The oak remnant is stabilized with a cabernet-hued resin, to preserve the wine-stained aesthetic and enhance the durability of the oak. Each steak knife handle presents unique variations of color and woodgrain pattern that we know you’ll adore.

Limited Edition: Lifetime Guarantee
Steak knife sets are bundled in order of production, carefully engraved with their unique production number and vintage. Like all NWKW knives, these come with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

USA Steel: The Cutting Edge is American-made.
For the last several decades, innovation in high-tech sectors has led to the development of new super-steels. The ultimate steak knife requires elite edge-holding and high stain-resistance. 440C provides the best fusion of these elements, resulting in knives that stay sharp and are beautiful on the table.