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Please The Palate: Five items getting me through home life

With all of us staying at home more these days, quality kitchen cooking tools are more essential than ever. Sharp knives will make your stay at home meals a pleasure to prepare.

Allison Levine of the Napa Valley Register recently discovered the bliss of excellent knives, selecting our knives as one of her "Five Items Getting Me Through Home Life."

Please the Palate New West KnifeWorks Knives


New West KnifeWorks

If you ask a professional chef one item they would not be in a kitchen without, it would be a good knife. While I am not a professional chef, I have always had good quality knives. However, I recently got a New West KnifeWorks Teton Edge Santoku Knife.

Headquartered in the Teton Mountains in Wyoming, New West KnifeWorks also has a retail store in St. Helena in Napa County. The powder metal steel blades are designed, engineered, crafted and tested in Wyoming. The colorful and sturdy handle is made of layers of fiberglass and cloth-epoxy that is compressed and cooked into G10 sheets before being hand-shaped. The blade is so tough and sharp that I enjoy chopping herbs and cutting larger items.

And I loved the knife so much that I invested in three more. The 9-inch Superbread is shaped more like a chef knife with a “wave” serration to cut through the crustiest of breads. The 6-inch petty utility knife is also great for chopping and slicing. The 3-inch paring knife is a definite must for peeling, coring, mining, and pitting. I am obsessing over the cutting board and knife holder for future purchases.

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