Knife Skills 101 with A Spicy Perspective

From Sommer Collier at A Spicy Perspective:

"So let’s get back on the bandwagon with Knife Skills.

Learning how to use knives properly, plays a huge roll in your overall cooking enjoyment.


Because if you know how to handle your knives, you can chop faster with less risk of hurting yourself. This means recipe prep will take much less time.

Also, once you learn how to chop properly, your ingredients will be uniform, therefore cooking much more evenly. This improves the quality and visual appeal of your dishes."

Sommer utilized all of our FusionWood line of knives to complete her article. Though we no longer produce our FusionWood knives, all of the same knife shapes (with new and improved handles) can be in Desert Ironwood and G-Fusion styles. 

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