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New West KnifeWorks partners with A-List Chef, Chris Kidder to create all-purpose 11.7” chef knife with unparalleled balance and agility.

chris kidder chef knife

Jackson Hole, WY | July 2018

Introducing the Chris Kidder Chef Knife: a serious chef knife with unique design features to make it an all purpose knife for those with a serious kitchen arsenal.

For those with skill to wield it, the New West KnifeWorks Chris Kidder Chef Knife is the ultimate chef knife. At 11.7” the blade is the perfect length for slicing everything from sushi to meats, soft ripe vegetables or crusty bread. This knife is built to perform all the chopping, dicing and general purpose work of a chef knife while having the added length to cleanly slice the softest food in one long stroke. 

New West in the hands of a "Chef's Chef"

The Chris Kidder Chef Knife from New West KnifeWorks was designed with Chris Kidder, Los Angeles uber-Chef, who currently works as a personal chef and caterer to A-list celebrities and top political officials. In an LA Times article, he was referred to as LA’s “Chef’s Chef” for his long tenure as Chef de Cuisine at Campanile, the James Beard Award winning “standard” for Southern California cuisine.

Chris is also the brother-in-law of New West founder, Corey Milligan. "I've been honing my cooking skills with Chris ever since we made breakfast for an all nighter college party while drinking green beer on St. Patrick's Day," Millligan explains. "I finally had to break down and make this gigantic knife for him so I could get him to use one of my knives all day, everyday. In the kitchen, he's not easy to please."

Agility Meets Might in Blade Design

Most chef knives used for both chopping and slicing are in the 7-9 inch range. Knives over 9 inches tend to be too narrow and have too much flex to be considered an all-purpose kitchen knife. The Chris Kidder has some unique design features that make it ideal for all types of kitchen use.

Unique design aspects:

  • Distinctive taper design - the blade’s spine does not taper for the first 4" of the knife length to maintain the right amount of stiffness for chopping as well as slicing. Most blades consistently taper from bolster to tip.

  • Just the right blade width - the 1.75" blade width ensures that Chef's knuckles won’t hit the cutting board when chopping; most long slicing knives are narrower.

  • Its light and perfectly balanced - at only 8.64 oz, this big knife won’t cause fatigue. Additionally its balance point is right where the blade meets the bolster, giving it excellent balance and maneuverability.

G-Fusion: America’s Best

Like cooking, making knives depends on using the best ingredients. The G-Fusion line features a Tour de Force in modern cutlery design, starting with the highest performing knife steel on the market - S35VN “Powder Metal” steel. The incredible qualities of edge holding and toughness in CPM S35VN allow this design to be razor thin at the edge and wicked sharp with the power to cut through anything with ease and elegance.

G-Fusion handles are made with G10: an aerospace-grade, fiberglass epoxy composite material that is virtually bomb-proof. The beautiful G10 handle will hold up to a lifetime of heat and hard use by a world class chef or an avid home cook.

New West’s G-Fusion knives are made in Jackson Hole with American steel, American made handle material, and backed by a lifetime guarantee.

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Pastry Chef Kim Sklar Kidder (Chris’s wife), President Barack Obama, and Chef Chris Kidder