Learn More: We Heart Food reviews The Paring Knife

We Heart Food reviews The Paring Knife

We heart food paring knife review


When we designing our knives, we uncontrolably research different shapes, styles, wieghts, and balances in order to make each of our knives. But one thing is for sure, whether you're a professional chef or your first cooking class, The Paring Knife is your "Surgical" Knife.  Not sure what to use to core those brussell sprouts; think Paring Knife.  That bell pepper giving you trouble; think Paring Knife.  Just start thinking Paring, Paring, Paring and your next meal turns into your first masterpiece.  Pretty sure We Heart Food just witnessed the truth about our Paring Knife.

"I was given the new paring knife to try out, and the first thing I noticed was that it was very comfortable to hold in my hand. It has a nice weight, a razor-sharp blade, and worked perfectly for pretty much the only thing I use a paring knife for: eating an apple. The apple was no match for the combination of this new knife in my hands and my hungry appetite: Mission Accomplished! With its heft and ease of use, I may actually have to look for more opportunities to use this paring knife!

Thanks again to New West Knifeworks for sending out this super-cool looking, very useful knife. It’ll definitely replace my old supermarket-bought paring knife, and it’s great to know that the materials are from the USA, as is the assembly and workmanship. Ah, patriotism!"- We Heart Food




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