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 G-Fusion Petty Utility Knife  - Sherwood
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The Petty is the ultimate kitchen utility knife. It has been said that in order to survive in the kitchen you really only need two kitchen knives - a paring knife and a chef knife. The Fusionwood Petty utility knife challenges that notion. This classic Japanese blade shape works great as a peeling, paring, boning and carving knife for vegetables, fruits, herbs and other delicate work. However, it will also take on some of the slicing and dicing jobs of a large chef knife.  This style is a favorite among professional chefs as a result of its versitility.  

This is everyones favorite knife.  Chef's use it as their do everything else knife and homeusers who aren't comfortable with a larger knife use it for everything.  This knife makes an excellent gift.

What is a utility knife for the kitchen? Basically, there are 2 knives any chef needs- a chef knife and a paring knife. A utility knife lives in between those knives. Learn more about utility knives and why they are essesntial to both the professional and home kitchen here: About Kitchen Utility Knives.



Blade   Length 5.5 inches  
Overall Length 11 inches  
Max blade width 1.187 inches  
Steel thickness 0.160 inches  
Blade thickness .075-.020  inches  
Weight 3.6 ounces  
Steel Type:  Crucible CPM S35VN High Carbon Stainless Powder metal steel. HRC 60-61


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Food In Jars, "It is the knife I'd been hoping for." 
Playboy Magazine, “This handsome knife from New West KnifeWorks will provide you with a lifetime of perfectly sliced onions..”


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