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Delightful Repast Deli Knife Review


Our Deli Knife is quite a unique piece of kitchen cutlery - a sandwich connosieur's best friend. And Jean at Delightful Repast was able to celebrate just that specialty with one of the most refined sandwiches of all - the egg salad tea sandwich. Perfection is not just in the egg salad - for which she has a great recipe - but in expert slicing of the bread's crusts and sandwich squares, without tearing the bread or squishing out the filling. She put our Deli Knife to the test and came back with glowing results, not only for herself, but for the friend she was immediately inspired to lend it to as well:

As soon as I received the New West KnifeWorks Deli knife, the first thing I did was whip up a batch of Egg and Dill Tea Sandwiches to test the knife. It was fabulous, dahling!

And a friend had an afternoon tea party coming up, so… I took the knife over to her so she could try it out on the six dozen sandwiches she would be making...She called me midway through to rave about the knife!"

- Jean of Delightful Repast

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