Learn More: Baked by Rachel 5" Chopper Review

Baked by Rachel 5" Chopper Review


Baked by Rachel Chopper Knife Review   

This post was very special to us here at New West KnifeWorks. When you are skiing all day, there are certain things that need to be sacrificed. Unfortunately cooking and prepping food are the first things on the chopping block (no pun intended). Thanks to Rachel, a Crock Pot and our 5'' Chopper, we are starting to solve this dilemma.  Thanks Rachel for being my saving grace. Now I can justify skiing all day and still provide a warm home cooked meal.


"This fierce and cute (yes knives can totally be cute… I’m a girl… sue me) knife is a must have for your kitchen. The Mr was the first to try it and I agree with everything he found. It’s balanced perfectly and feels great. Both of those are things I was always told to look for in a good knife. It’s true. A knife must feel good in your hand. But on top of that, it works beautifully on every chopping need you may have." -Baked By Rachel