HiConsumption features the G-Fusion line in "10 Best American-Made Chef Knives"

"The real stars of the show are the blades."

We make our knives with incredible attention to detail to the highest quality standards possible. And we do it all right here in the USA. So, nothing makes us happier than to see the G-fusion like get some attention from Sean Tirman at HiConsumption

The January 2022 update of the top American-Made Chef Knives features our G-Fusion line of Chef Knives:

"New West KnifeWorks actually offers quite a few different chef knife lines (and a few general kitchen cutting tool collections) — all of which are made in the USA and all of which are worth your hard-earned money. However, for these purposes, we’re the most interested in sharing the brand’s G-Fusion lineup with its unique, gorgeous, and colorful multilayered G10 handles. Of course, the real stars of the show are the blades — all of which are built from exceptional S35VN high-end steel. Available in a wide variety of formats, sizes, and colorways, you could pick any of New West’s offerings out while blindfolded and you’d still end up with an exceptional cutting tool"



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G-Fusion Chef Knives Collection