Groomsman Gift That Don't Suck

Our friends at Grand Wedding Magazine just featured our 4" Outfitter and the Wyoming Saw as "Groomsmen Gifts That Don't Suck." We pride ourselves on producing and selling functional, durable and 100% American-Made items. Don't give another gift that will just end up sitting on a shelf. A groomsman gift from New West Knife Works or MTN Man Toy Shop will be used for years to come!  

"The MTN Man Toy Shop on Jackson’s Town Square knows the deal when it comes to unique gifts for guys. Here’s where you’ll find Wyoming Knife Corporation’s Wyoming Saw. Not your typical hacksaw, it comes with two blades, a fingerguard to prevent bruised knuckles, and a powder-coated steel frame that breaks down into a leather carrying case." 

"New West Knifework’s Outfitter Knife, also found at the MTN Man Toy Shop, is the perfect gift for any hunter. Designed in collaboration with local outfitters and crafted right here in Victor, Idaho, the insanely sharp 4-inch blade gets it done in the backcountry. The Outfitter knife is both a work of art and a utilitarian tool with its intricate handle and leather carrying case." - Grand Wedding Magazine


Shop the 4" Outfitter in G-Fusion or Ironwood, and the Wyoming Saw 11" or 18" here!

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