Learn More: 2017- A year of Growth for NWKW

2017- A year of Growth for NWKW

The year in review: paving the way for growth.

2017 was a big year for New West Knifeworks. We opened a shop in Napa, bought ourselves a laser, and watched our very own Buck Milligan, win the first ever Chopped Jr. Championship on Food Network. 

We are also very grateful for some incredible critical praise from the national media. In edition to a Food and Wine editor saying our knife could “cut through a rock”, New West was also featured TWO MONTHS IN A ROW by Cooking Light magazine. Editor-in-Chief Hunter Lewis described the 9 inch chef knife as his “best friend in the kitchen.” In the following issue, the Cooking Light test kitchen did a comparison of top knife-makers and described New West as “America’s Best.”


Knifeworks opens in Napa Valley.

Ever since we moved our flagship shop in Jackson Hole to the town square, our fan-base of knife aficionados has gone through the roof—so we’ve been looking for the perfect spot to open a 2nd store. On a pleasure trip to Napa Valley, Corey realized there was no better place than the culinary capital of California. There is a constant flow of trendsetters and bon vivants through the area--- and even better--- lots of the local vintners are keen to trade wine for knives. Don’t worry, we never mix drinking with knife making. 

The shop opened last June in St. Helena. A gorgeous community which among other things, is the West Coast location of the Culinary Institute of America. So, if you visit wine country, we recommend you stop by the shop and then treat yourself to some fine dining at the CIA. 

Another reason to visit us in Napa: we have set up a unique tomahawk target in the shop. To protect our other customers and product, Corey and Anthony built a retractable, chain mail curtain.




The Milligans get a laser. 

The Last Jedi- no way- the Jedi must continue! And so, Corey has bought himself a laser and realized his lifelong dream of being a Jedi. 

On the business side, the laser allows us to meet the growing demand for our knives as we can now complete more of the manufacturing process in house. We will continue to expand our manufacturing capacity over the next several years in our mission to prove “American made” is the best in the world again.

In addition to creating stunning custom, mixed media knife blocks, our in house artist, Erin Hemmings, oversees production--- this means no matter how big we get, our first commitment is continual improvement in the quality of our knives, both functionally and aesthetically. 


First ever Chopped Junior Champion—Buck Milligan. 


New West grew tremendously in 2017 and we’re proud of the whole New West family for everyone’s efforts. That said our proudest moment of the year was watching Buck Milligan win the first ever Chopped Jr. Grand Championship on Food Network. We were impressed enough when he won the Thanksgiving episode--- but Buck went on to the “playoff” winning his round of the semi-finals and then, despite being the youngest contestant--- soared through the grand championship!

Below is a sampling of some of Buck’s winning recipes. In the coming year, we hope to lure Buck away from his homework and share a recipe or two with New West Fans.


Seared turkey tenderloin with collard greens and pecan pesto.

Short rib tacos with chocolate mole sauce.

Carrot and ricotta fritters with macchiato and aleppo granite.

Cherry glazed goat with Asian slaw and edamame mashed potatoes.