The Whole Hog | Chris Kidder Special 12" Chef

The Whole Hog | Chris Kidder Special 12" Chef

When you’re ready to cowboy up and tackle a whole hog, the Kidder is your all-in-one carving station. At least, for everything besides breaking the ribs. The Kidder looks substantial (it is), but it’s made to avoid the unwieldy, overly blade-heavy feel. We built in expert maneuverability so even the novice carver won’t break a sweat. With a balance point where the blade meets the bolster, both Old and New West chefs can enjoy the Kidder’s comfort and safety.

The Whole Hog: 12" Chris Kidder Special
The blade length gives each stroke the stiffness for clean chops, so you’ll have no problem slicing pork shoulders and legs. Just grab the leg and cut across the grain (you’ll get the most meat by rotating the leg as you go).

With premium, long-lasting sharpness, the Kidder makes it easy to prep even, platter-ready slabs of pig skin. Whether it’s down the backbone or across the ribs, it’s seamless to pry away tidy mounds of meat with this knife.

Extra blade width ensures no knuckle raps on the cutting board.
Chris KidderThe Kidder is everything you need to carve and serve a pig roast for your homestead. But if you’re worried this is too much knife to handle, don’t. We designed this behemoth with Chris Kidder, a celebrity caterer referred to as the “Chef’s Chef” by the LA Times.

With the Kidder, you’re getting peak function approved by the guy who knows exactly what that should be. You do not have a knife this size, but trust us — it will cut the work for your pig party in half and do that work for you. It’s true modern day sustainability, from your whole hog meal to your all-day, every-day tool.

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