Turner Spatula


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There is no reason for your spatula to be 14 inches!
To some, there are few things more disappointing than breaking the yolk of an over-easy egg. It can ruin a morning rather quickly. When we decided to search for the perfect spatula to sell at our shop, we kept finding poorly crafted options. After a few months of trying a bunch of unexciting spatulas, we gave up and decided to make our own.

Our G-Fusion Turner is simple, functional, extremely durable, and 100% Made in America. Our Turner has enough flex to handle the more delicate foods, and a full tang to handle the massive burger in the cast iron. Fear not pancake, this spatula is meant to last.

Overall length: 11.0"
Spatula length: 6.0"
Spatula width: 3.0"


Made in the USA

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