Limited Edition: Snake River 6" Petty

Limited Edition: Snake River 6” Petty
New West knifemakers have crafted just 200 of these knives, each one engraved with its production number. This tribute to the Snake River is modeled after our most popular and versatile blade, the Petty, described as "the perfect balance of power and grace (Bon Appetit)" due to its ability to handle the tasks of both a chef knife and paring knife with ease. The Petty is agile enough to excel at peeling, boning, carving, and other delicate work, yet big enough to handle some slicing and dicing. 

One-of-a-Kind Handle
Each handle is hand finished using stabilized maple and deep azure resin, designed to reflect the hue of the Snake River in summer and the cottonwood trees along its banks. Each handle is unique from the next with slight variations in resin tone, wood grain, and texture.

Artfully Engraved Blade
We didn't have to travel far for inspiration on this one! One of the defining features of the 6” Snake River Petty is an artfully engraved eagle eye view of the Snake River across its blade. The blue-green engraving reflects a section of the river in the heart of Jackson Hole.

Blade length  5.5 inches
Overall length  11.0 inches
Max blade width  1.187 inches
Steel thickness  .115 inches
Blade thickness  .015 inches
Weight  3.6 ounces
Steel type  Crucible CPM S35VN High Carbon Stainless Powder metal steel. HRC 59-60

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